Single and Dating

5 ways Indian boys propose to you

What is an Indian man to do when he wants to propose to an Indian woman whom he doesn't know very well
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He really, really likes you. OK, so he doesn’t really know you and can’t string together a full sentence, but he really, really wants to propose. What does he do? Here’s what he does.

1. The jugaad way

“Aap ki behen ki masi ki beti ki best friend se introduction karva do”


2. The Do or die

“If you don’t say yes, please read the obituary page tomorrow”

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3. The Facebook stalker way

“Want to do ‘fraandship’ with me?”


4. The baap ki gaadi way:

“Want to go for a drive baby?”


5. The Bharat Matrimony way:

..they don’t, their PARENTS do!


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