Video on 5 ways to get what you want, ladies!

When it comes to getting what we want from the man of our life, we women tend to find it difficult to put across our points. But not any more. Bonobology has come up with top 5 foolproof ways to get you what you want from your BAE.

Keep glycerine handy to cry on demand. Perfect your timing and expression till you get better at it than the bahus from saas-bahu serials. If crying doesn’t help, give him a good, prolonged silent treatment. Don’t budge, don’t soften up till you get the required outcome. If you want to take another tried and tested route, treat him with delicious Ghar ka khana to take the route to his heart that goes from his belly.

To take the high road to be the ideal Tulsi and please your mother-in-law to please your husband. Finally, if nothing else works, withhold sex till you get your demands met. Success guaranteed!

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