6 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Masturbate (And Stop Feeling Ashamed about it)

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Updated On: August 2, 2023
women should masturbate to keep herself satisfied
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The idea that women can find pleasure in their own bodies is frowned upon by societies all over the world. We can blame the social conditioning, the patriarchal system and the fact that women are seen as property just as material wealth, cattle and assets are. Any pleasure that may have been discovered by chance is kept under wraps, for fear of censure, by men and the general society. But every woman should masturbate and there is no shame in it.

A Touchy Subject: The Health Benefits of Masturbation

So women have learnt to keep their heads down and deny themselves of any happiness. The lesson here is ‘ignorance is bliss,’ you won’t miss anything you don’t know about. The girl child is taught not to sit with her legs apart, and to keep herself adequately covered, so they may not attract attention. There was also a fear that if the girl child discovers her sexuality, then the yearning for it will lead her astray.

The possibility of such a sexual activity is made even more difficult in joint families. Now that families are becoming nuclear and the woman has the time and space to explore her own body, masturbation has become a significant possibility. When a girl child has the freedom to be in her own fantasy world, the discovery of pleasure in her own body becomes easier.

Even kids unknowingly enjoy their bodies

There is evidence of very small babies enjoying their bodies, without any touching, and of 3-year-old girls using their fingers to pleasure themselves. Of course, there was my nephew all of 4 who declared that sometimes his penis gets very hard, to a large family gathering, resulting in a guffaw in the group.

As they grow, parents and other elders restrict this free expression. They introduce shame and guilt in such a simple natural pleasure.

So many women know nothing of masturbation even after marriage and wonder why they are so unhappy because sex is just a set of actions that seems to make her husband happy and leaves her high and dry. In early centuries women who were in this state were deemed insane and treated accordingly.

This is the era of information and knowledge and yet women seem to look for all pleasure from their man, not realizing that it’s all in their own hands! Here are some reasons why a woman should masturbate, married or not.

A woman should masturbate and make it a part of their wellness routine

1. Women should masturbate to ensure HQ

The Happiness Quotient is ensured by masturbation, in both men and women. Sex is a sure shot way to get an orgasm for a man. Not so for a woman. She has to know her body, find out what turns her on and what ensures an orgasm. Masturbation is a good way for a woman to discover her happiness, with or without her man.

2. Keeps your body healthy

I always encourage women to have sex or at least to masturbate. It is as good as a good workout, but for your sexual organs. An orgasm ensures blood to flow into the vagina, the uterus and the Fallopian Tubes. If you study the construction of this delicate reproductive apparatus – the uterus is very precariously poised on a stem connected to even more fragile Fallopian Tubes and the ovaries.

These organs need a good flow of blood and nervous energy all of which is ensured by an orgasm. So I say, get busy woman and brush off the cobwebs.

 3. Keeps vitalising your sexual life

Keeps your body healthy
Sense of satisfaction

A woman should masturbate and have different ways to tune her body for the best orgasm all on her own. Those who can do this have better sex lives with their partners. It is only natural that a man cannot divine what can make a woman reach her peaks of pleasure without a bit of help from her. If she is clueless then it’s an uphill task for a man to find out what will get her in the zone.

Also, many a partner derives great satisfaction and joy in seeing his woman going into delirious throes of an orgasm. It’s a sense of satisfaction even victory and makes the man horny.

 4. Helps you discover new erogenous zones

A woman needs to do the extra homework to find her erogenous zones. When masturbating you can chance upon what really makes you happy. If you have a partner excited about helping you discover these – all the better. There are arrays of sex-toys that can help you with this discovery.  I must warn you that these can be addictive and you cannot expect your man to be a machine. Explore and find your own G spot so you can guide your man to it, doubling the pleasure in bed.

5. Keeps frustrations away

When my husband had to go away for a year because of work, I kept myself busy with a lot of work and hobbies and self-satisfying masturbation. I wonder what it is about hormones that demand this release.

From childhood to my early teens I was a wholesome person with no sexual inclinations. But now if I know I am going to be starved of sex, I go into a massive tizzy and have tantrums, teary sulk sessions not realizing that the answer is in my own hands.

woman enjoying
Young happy woman in a golden field on sunset

6. Unblocks your mind to new avenues of happiness

I have a stand that I take with all young ones – get the sex out of the way, your mind unblocks and sets you free to discover your goals and achieve. You don’t need to have a regular sex partner for that. Just masturbate. Keep your cobwebs away in your mind and you will get the energy to follow your dreams in your life.

Both men and women must find their way of pleasuring themselves without the help of a mate. This will help in keeping physical, mental and sexual health, vibrant and happy.

So these are ample reasons why a woman should masturbate to keep herself happy and healthy.

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