6 signs your partner truly loves you – signs we almost always miss

Aishwarya Bharadia
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How do you know that he loves you?

Do you have a quiet and introverted partner? Is he shy about showering you with adoration? He might not always be able to emote his love for you. He may just go through the day caring for you but in such subtle ways that you almost always overlook the signals.

There is a strong sense of endearment in knowing that your man is deeply in love with you. What signs should you look in a man? We have a list of 6 signs to assure you of his love for you.
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1. Your comfort matters

You can’t remember the last time you carried a heavy bag. Or the last time you had to take an Uber home from the airport. You can’t remember the last sick day you spent without multiple calls from him. If he loves you, he will not let you be in discomfort.

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2. Your sounding board

He is your shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for your crazy new ideas and a human diary that keeps your secrets under lock and key. If he loves you, he will truly listen to you and care about what you have to say.

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3. Your protector

There has never been a time he hasn’t defended you in your absence or let anyone take you for a ride. If need be he will even protect you from yourself. He will always fight for you, even when it feels like he is the enemy.

4. You are the priority

He will drop anything at the drop of a hat if you are in distress. He will buy you the coveted three-door refrigerator instead of the watch he had been eyeing. He’s your parents’ man Friday because what is important to you is important to him. You are his priority.

5. You are your own woman

Your opinions are important to him, whether it be about politics, relatives or his career. He encourages you to step outside of your comfort zone and pursue your dreams because he believes in you. If he loves you, he understands you are an independent, capable woman and does not try to micromanage your life.

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6. Your happiness is his happiness

You are constantly receiving cute forwards from him. Dinner is usually at your favourite restaurant and your birthdays are equivalent to a ‘national holiday’ for him. He makes you smile. If he loves you, he’s happy when you are happy.

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It cannot be feasible every time. However some points like picking you from the airport or protecting you for yourself can be possible.

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This is asking for too much. It happens but such men may end up resenting this later on in life.

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