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6 times Kajol slayed the conventions in Bollywood

Never one to conform, Kajol ruled the box office despite being outspoken, private, married and dark-hued

Kajol: The unconventional Queen Bee of Bollywood

In this age of debates on nepotism, Kajol holds a special place. She is from families connected to Bollywood on both sides, and yet she managed to create her own space in the industry by going against all the established norms of a typical Bollywood actress.

Kajol ruled the box office of Bollywood in the 1990s. She got married to love of her life Ajay Devgn while being the Queen Bee in 1999, but she did not give up her career. Now she is the mother of two lovely children, but she is still around. Her movies are always anticipated with eagerness.

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1. Unconventional looks

Kajol debuted with Bekhudi in the year 1992. She is very different from what Bollywood viewers are used to. Contrary to the traditional Bollywood image of heroines, she is dark complexioned. She proudly flaunts her non-groomed unibrow. And she can’t ever be called a size zero perfect figured beauty. Yet with her first film she managed to make viewers fall in love with her. And a superstar was born.

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