6 types of girlfriends we all know

by Team Bonobology

Every girl is different, but are there any typical groups of girlfriends that they belong to? Did you know that even girlfriends could be categorized? Whether she is sassy or classy, your girlfriend will be on this list. Let’s check out.

Growing up there was one term I heard often – everyone’s unique. But the fact is, certain particular traits are found among a group of people and they happen to become one ‘type’. So have you ever wondered what type of girls you end up liking and attracting? Just think of the types of girlfriends you would prefer. 

Don’t think too much, we’ve sorted out a list for you. See for yourself and be the best judge!

  1. Fashionista Types

I have seen so many often wonder what type of girls do guys like. Is it the one who dresses up immaculately, looks presentable at all hours and could give the Victoria Secret models a run for their money? Well, it could be so but they aren’t the ‘only’ kind of girls a guy likes. But if your girlfriend is similar to ‘Poo from K3G’ or ‘Shanaya from SOTY’ or if you’re the kind of girl who likes to have a 12-step skincare regime, then you fall in this category. 

  1. The chilled-out type

Now guys keep saying a happy woman is a myth and that women always doubt their better halves or that ‘women don’t know how to chill’ but I say it’s false. There are several types of girlfriends and one of them is someone who is always like a free bird. Doesn’t like to hold you back, be possessive, nag you much and gives you your space as much as she likes to have her own. 

How many other types of girlfriends exist? Watch the video to know.

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