6 ways to handle an excess of your boyfriend’s boy time

Your boyfriend and his boy time

People, a lot of us have been there. You feel like he is spending every other day with his guy friends and you never actually get to do things together anymore. Gets depressing, right? Wrong. Look, I am sure your partner’s very fun and all but you can actually function and do things without them. I mean, you pretty much did just that, and better, before you guys started dating. So, in case you somehow became a part of a whole and forgot how to enjoy yourself without your partner, here’s a list of things that will remind you how to have an amazing time even, and especially when they are not around:

1. Where’s the party tonight?

Get your girls out of their homes, put on gorgeous clothes and get ready to blow the roof off the coolest club in town. You thought parties are only enjoyable when your partner’s around? Wrong. It’s your wild night of freedom. So don’t drink responsibly (don’t drive either), hit the floor with them and move and wiggle your eyebrow at every eye-candy your alcohol hazed eyesight spots.

Couple partying
Where’s the party tonight?

2. Binge watch movies that you like

Remember all those horror movies you just cannot get him to watch because he is too terrified? Well, it’s time to catch up. From Conjuring to The Ring to some good old Grudge, or, if you are not feeling it, some cheesy desi Bhoot Bungla or Raaz, it will be a night where you get to laugh at the hilarious horror-style makeup and music and the very stupid protagonists these films have to offer. Honestly, though, who finds these scary anyway?

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3. Game night

You know how he won’t let you touch his game station since you beat him at Assassin’s Creed? Well, tonight, love, it’s you, popcorn and some serious combat missions. Remember to remind him later how you easily crossed all the levels he was stuck at and that he is welcome. The look on his face will be priceless.

Couple playing game
Couple playing game together

4. Bollywood dance party

It’s time to get sloshed on wine and dance around the room as old Shah Rukh numbers start blaring from the stereo. Yes just like they show in the cheesy movies. Sometimes being a cliché feels absolutely amazing.

quick bite

5. Indulge in food

Everything you have been craving but holding back from ordering because you are supposed to be a responsible adult…well, they are but a call and a delivery boy away. Order pizzas, ice creams, garlic bread, oreo shakes and that lovely blueberry muffin and cheesecakes. Oh, and don’t forget the biryani. Ready? One, two…binge! Don’t stop till you have a massive food baby and the post massive protein and carb consumption are making your muscles wobbly and eyes heavy. Then take it up another notch and reward yourself by sleeping in. Best party ever. Especially since you didn’t have to share.

Indulge in food
Don’t forget to order the biryani

6. Have an honest chat

Jokes apart, in case you are really feeling left out and neglected, it’s time you tell him. You cannot live in a constant state of party just to get over the fact that he won’t spend time with you. So while it is important for each of you to have a life of your own outside of each other, make sure you do not get left out of each other’s life completely. So, chin up, gather all your guts and have “the talk.” Make sure you let him know how you understand spending time with friends and self is important but you feel that you guys always seem to be apart and that’s starting to get to you. And don’t worry. You are in this together. He will get it.

A relationship usually involves two people, two very different people with different tastes and backgrounds. So it is no wonder then that no matter how much love there is, sometimes both of you will want to seek in your friends the things that your partner cannot give. If they are a stay at home watching movies kind of person, you will want to go out with your friends and catch the latest movie in the theatre sometime. It is the same in his case. This is what you need to understand if you are going to build a healthy relationship together. But in case you are still bored and in the mood for some company, call your girls up and build a pillow fort while eating Cheetos. Always cheers me up!


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