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63% urban Indians DON’T fake it in bed. Really.

Bonobology discovers pleasantly surprising facts about urban Indians and the phenomenon of faking it in bed.
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It’s a surprising step chart that pops up when we open our survey sheet for the question—Do You Fake an Orgasm? The longest step at the bottom is a brow-raising NEVER (63%) followed by a considerably lesser Sometimes (19%), Mostly Not (12%) and a negligible Mostly Yes (6%). Considering the survey was taken by urban Indians in relationships under complete anonymity, we are compelled to believe these results are true *slow clap*.

So, no forced oohs and aahs and dramatic yes-yesss-yessss-es the way poor porn teaches; not for the modern Indian couple that likes to keep it real in bed. Didn’t they say honesty is the best policy after all?

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