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7 bahanas to give next time when someone asks you when are you getting married

Ever been attacked by relatives and pados ki bua by truckload of questions about your marriage?

Ever been attacked by relatives and pados ki bua by truckload of questions about your marriage? I have, and if you are reading this, you have too.

Have you been taken back by these questions and just stood there, tongue-tied? I have, and again, I am sure, you have too.

Well, the next time you feel an attack is incoming, reply with one of these bahanas.

1. “Waiting for my career to level up”

We have all used this. But it is never a satisfactory answer.

Alia Bhatt plays Tamilian in 2 states

2. “The day after Shahrukh’s divorce. I will mail you the invitation”

Give the fan-girling self a shot. Tell them you are holding up the wedding for your favourite celebrity to finally get a divorce.


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3. “Paisa illa, amma.”

A wedding is not a matter of joking. No money, no wedding is a valid enough reason. If they are still not convinced, pester them into financing your wedding. Tit for tat, right?

kangana in tanu weds manu

4. “My partner and I are politically different”

No one wants to meddle in politics. Or worse, no one wants to meddle in politics of two opposing individuals.

alia bhatt in 2 states eating non veg

5. “I don’t like people of the opposite gender.”

In simple words, give this reply and watch their tongues roll out of their mouth and eyes grow big in horror.

katrina kaif sad face

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6. “I am asexual, no one wants to marry me.”

You might have to sit them down and explain the working of an asexual mind. It might take up the entire evening.

Anushka sharma in bombay velvet

7. “I already married last month. Shit! Didn’t my parents send you the invitation?”

Fool them into thinking you are already married and the joke’s on them and pin it on your parents. In case you want to get back on them for harassing you with marriage questions, let your parents in on that joke. Watch the party crumble right in front of your eyes.

Katrina Kaif in Jagga Jasoos

Let the games begin.

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