7 confessions of people who decided to wait until marriage

Intimacy is one of most important phases of many relationships. It not only brings two people closer physically but lets them connect mentally and understand each other better emotionally. They want to be with each other always and grow stronger every time. Sex being a necessity of life, it’s one’s own choice to wait until marriage or not.

Bonobology gives you some confessions of people who waited until marriage to have sex.

1. My wait was worth it. The wait was very tough but we make up for the lost time and are very happy.

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2. I regret waiting till my wedding night. My husband is terrible in bed and fails to please me every time.

3. I decided to wait until my marriage but I’m upset about it now, as it’s hardly sometimes that we have sex and that too it’s not enjoyable. At very rare times we are able to make up for it.

4. My husband and I are not at all compatible sexually. We both secretly think of having sex with some other person. I wish I’d fulfilled my wish before marriage.

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5. I am one of those men who lost his virginity on his wedding night and proud of the decision. I can’t take my eyes and hands off my beautiful wife and it has also proven to be healthy for me.

6. Despite being a man I denied myself all the pleasurable opportunities that came my way. I decided to wait until my marriage and guess what? I am very happy now. It seems to be the best decision I took ever. My wife pleases me in every way.

7. I was a virgin till my wedding night, my husband wasn’t. Turns out, I’m much better in bed than he was.

I hope these confessions have entertained you and boosted the romance in you. Let us hear some of your own confessions.


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