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7 crazy sex thoughts a man has for the woman he loves

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A man’s mind space

Men are brought up differently in our society. While women are taught to submit, men are taught to be go-getters. Whether it’s in professional life or in personal, masculinity is judged on that performance.  Every game is a contest for them and everyone wins a conquest. That doesn’t usually change when it comes to the woman they love either. Here are some insights into that enigmatic mind palace.

1. Resist

After a hot and steamy sex, the woman settles in for a cuddle and pillow talk. She asks him why he was so quiet during dinner, he says it was nothing and kisses her forehead. While for the woman, movie and dinner was the big date plan it might just be the case that the man was thinking of making the big finish that night. Though his mind might be set to skip to dessert mode, he’ll silently chant ‘Resist! Resist! Resist!’ in his mind throughout the night till you get together. So next time your man is distracted during dinner, you might just know what he’s thinking.

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2. Anger is the best sauce

She comes home angry, preferably not on her man, and now she wants to talk about it. But the problem is she looks so sexy when she is angry. He just wants to shut her off with a kiss but instead, he has to listen to her. He is distracted by her passion and aggression in all the wrong ways.

3. Nonetheless, she’s hot

When you love somebody, you don’t love them for all their good traits, but also despite their bad traits. A woman may have a lot of body image issues but none seems problematic to a man who is in love with her. So when she asks him, if she’s looking fat or if she’s looking good and he doesn’t give the right answer, maybe it’s simply because he never sees beyond her beauty.

4. Day-dreaming

Each time she texts him that she’s going for a bath and will get back to him later, men really get into the mental image of her in the bath. It’s a trigger, silent one as he can’t mention it every time because that would be creepy. But nonetheless, it does happen.

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5. She’s sexy and doesn’t know it

The man finds his woman sexy, there’s no mystery there. He wants to touch her, feel her, maybe even devour her. A pencil in her mouth or a twirl of her hair turns him on. But along with the arousal comes a stinging awareness: She doesn’t know how attractive she is.

A low cut blouse or a short dress gives him days of restlessness. She’s his but other people might find her sexy too. He starts to feel that everyone is looking at her with a lustful look. He doesn’t blame her, yet, but feels that she’s drawing too much attention.

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6. Her Hair: To be or not to be

Her hair is his bane. It’s majestic, luxurious and magnificent but everything said and done, it gets in the way. When he tries to spoon her, get close to her or even merely wants to sleep with her, like a vigilante, the hair comes in between and ruins everything. It gets in the nose, ears and eye and he feels that she would be better off without it. But when she turns up in traditional attire with a brilliant hair do or a skimpy black dress and a ponytail, he can’t deny the attraction. So for him, to be or not to be is a big question.alia and varun in badrinath ki dulhania

7. Watching her sleep

This may sound like an incident straight from Twilight but men love watching their woman sleep. The way she’s vulnerable and still so beautiful. He knows that she can trust him if she trusts him enough to sleep beside him. The man enjoys that moment of truth when he realises that she’s his responsibility because she allowed it to be so.

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