7 easy techniques to ease your partner’s pains and aches

Shubhajyoti Sengupta
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When you need to give instead of taking

Waited the whole day to go on a special dinner date and your partner comes back all haggard with a massive headache? Instead of making him/her pop some pills, practice these simple techniques to help your partner enjoy instant relief.

From helping your partner to get over depression to relieving regular fatigue, these pressure points work like magic.

1. Below the knees

Applying pressure at these two points will help your partner get relief from stress and feel energized again.

1 knee

2. Between the toes

Applying pressure upon the webbing between the big toe and the second toe will help your partner release choked energy.

2 Foot

3. The top of the toes

Gently massaging the top of each toe will help your partner to get relief from depression.

3 Toe

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4. The tips of the fingers

If your partner suffers a lot from migraine pains, then massaging the tip of each finger helps.

4 Finger

5. The centre of the palm

Your partner’s finding it hard to fall asleep at night? Massage at this point to give him/her the desired relief.                                                                                                          5 Palm

6. Between the thumb and the index finger

Massaging the webbing between the index finger and the thumb will give him/her instant relief from muscle tension and any kind of stress.                                                                                  6 Thumb

7. The soles of the feet

Menstrual pain can really make your partner suffer. Finger massage these areas of the feet to help her get relief from the cramps.

7 Sole

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