7 GIFs that are perfect reactions to every mom-in-law’s advice ever!

A picture is worth a thousand words, as these reactions to advice from mothers-in-law prove
Mother in law vs daughter in law

Admit it, we all hate being lectured and given advice… more so from in-laws! These 7 gifs sum up the reaction to every advice.

1. Nutritional advice

Beta, khane mein achi cheeze khaya karo, yeh pasta roz dinner mein acha nahi lagta

2. Cooking advice

Hamare time mein toh ghee se bhare hue parathe khate the, bahu toh olive oil use karti hai

3. Reproductive advice

Beta aap last time mandir kab gayi thi, bhagwan ke ashirvaad se jald hi iss ghar mei ek bacha aayega!

4. Cosmetic advice

Yeh facials paiso ki barbaadi hai, ghar mein besan ka lep lagao zyada glow aayega!

5. Mealtime advice

Beta, hamare yahan 12 baje nashta nahi lunch karte hain

6. Couple relationship advice

Kitna thaka hua rehta hai mera ladka…kitna kaam karta hai bechara…

7. Childrearing advice

Apna gussa bache pe mat nikalo beta…


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