7 myths about Asexuals (ASE)

Team Bonobology
7 myths about Asexuals

There are many myths associated with asexuality and asexuals. In this video Dr. Gaurav Deka busts 7 most common misconceptions on asexuals.

Similar to homosexuality, asexuality is not a choice, but one is born with it. Being asexual doesn’t mean one is incapable of love. They are just apathetic to sex. There is no connection between asexuality and celibacy. Asexuals just have no desire to indulge in sex. Just because a person is asexual, doesn’t mean he/she has aversion to sex. Asexuals are just not interested in sex.

It’s most definitely not ‘just a phase’ that will go away. Asexuals have nothing to prove or improve. It’s their permanent sexual orientation. Nothing specifically causes asexuality. It’s just a natural part of the sexual spectrum. Asexuals are not incapable of building sexual intimacy. They just have no inclination to go for it.