7 reasons why you should opt for love marriage and not arranged marriage

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The age-old Hindi proverb says “Shaadi ka laddoo jo na khaye woh pachtaye, jo khaye woh bhi pachtaye.” And as it is laddoo, it really does matter how you eat it. But we are known to the two ways of devouring that laddoo, Love and Arranged. So, think of it, do you like to eat something which you do not love, but your family has arranged it for you? Marriage and Gastronomy might not be the same thing but both needs to give you serious satisfaction. Thus, here are 7 Reasons why you should opt for love marriage than arranged marriage.

1. You Know Who

In Love Marriage, you are very much aware of the person’s nature, as you have spent some quality time together and that has led you two to the decision of being united through the institution of marriage. But it is almost opposite in the case of Arranged Marriage, you barely get to know the person. You might go on a few formal dates to know each other but that does not bring the intimacy as well as transparency to each other’s nature.

2. Likes, Superlikes and Blocks

You get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes like the palm of your hand, as you two are deeply in love and you really care for what the person prefers. But do you think things are same in Arranged Marriage? If a person does not know you for a long time, and are not aware of your choices, then how can you be so sure that he/she knows what would you like for a surprise gift? You can definitely forgive him/her for the first few times but then the blame-game will begin.

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3. The Blame-Game

One of the biggest pillars of the Problems of Marriage is the game of blaming your partner. Now it is completely okay to think that if two forces are living in a space, then they will collide sometimes and the ambiance will be heated up. But it also needs to be thought, that it is absolutely fine to blame each other for a few reasons and “live happily ever” either together or separately through the divorce. Here no one gets to blame the family as two adults have decided the union and the separation. But in case of Arranged Marriage, things get freaking complicated as the family is rooted deeply in your relationship with your partner. And if the union does not gel well one of the very senior members in the family gets the maximum blame.

4. Pocket Friendly?

In love marriage, as you have seen the highs and lows of your partner’s professional life much before being united, you are more aware of each other’s financial limitations. And the chances of an abrupt demand are really low in this case. The demands are more likely to get fulfilled without blowing each other’s sentiment or bank balance. On the contrary, in Arranged Marriage you will not be aware of your partner’s financial limitations initially, and most likely to end up hurting your emotion till the initial phase is over.

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5. Such Show Offs Much Wow:

As your family is very deeply connected to this Arranged union of two souls, they will obviously spend a lot of currency, just to show off how grand the wedding is. But in case of Love Marriage, you hold the steering of the budget. You, with your partner, can decide what is necessary and what is not. If the bank balance does not really blow you a Mike Tyson-ish uppercut, then you are free to show off in a Sooraj Barjatya way!

6. Fight the Social Evil

Things like Dowry and the union through the astrological ‘mathematics’ are basically social evil. Moreover, these pretty unnecessary things are generally seen through a magnifying glass by the elders, avoiding important issues like medical tests. In Arranged Marriage you get a very little chance of fighting these issues.

Vivah poster7. The Sex-Factor

Just like every other “X number of things you need to do” lists on the internet, here as well the last point is the most important one, and that is the SEX. Yes, sexual compatibility is a huge reason behind unsuccessful married life and it often leads to separation. In case of Love Marriage, you eventually get to know how “Tharki” your partner is and what his/her choices in the bed are. But in Arranged Marriage, you do not even have any idea of his/her desire or capability.

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Haimanti February 11, 2018 - 6:41 pm

Well…I can give u another 14 reasons why arranged marriage is much better than love marriage.
Please don’t generalise…it varies with individuals.

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