7 reasons why married Indian couples don’t prefer daytime sex!

Know the reasons why married Indians don’t prefer daytime sex!

When it comes to daytime sex, most married Indian couples don’t like to go for it. There are many reasons for this reluctance.

Sex at night is most preferred because after a good steamy session one can get to relax right away instead of continuing with chores. In the case of daytime sex, after a bumper lunch, the need to take a siesta overrides the sexual urge. Moreover, going for it in the daytime also means a constant worry of someone peeking through the keyhole. Eek!

And sometimes the housemaid appears as the persistent door-knocker to break the flow in bed. Hot and steamy sex in the daytime leads to cleaning up the mess afterwards and that makes an added chore to take care of. Plus for those with a religious bent of mind, sex before evening prayer is a big no-no.

And when one lives in a joint family, daytime sex is out of the question because everyone knows, in such family dynamics, even the walls have ears!

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