7 tips to make marriages work

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If there was a secret formula or a rule book on how to make a marriage work, there would have been far happier homes than now. The truth is there is no general formula that can be applied to all. However, there are some basics that can make any relationship healthy and long lasting.

We have come up with the list to try “to a T” to make your marriage a happy one. Here are the 7 Ts you need in your marriage.

1. Trust: The importance of this word cannot be overemphasized. You need to have complete trust in your partner as well as in the relationship. No matter how bad the fight, never lose trust in the foundation of your relationship. In fact, trust the base of the relationship, so if the base is not strong then relationship goes for a toss.

2. Tea Time: Decide to have tea/coffee together at least once in a day. The idea is to dedicate  time for each other. Taking  out time for each other doesn’t necessarily mean to take out hours; miracle can happen in 5 to 10 minutes of tea time too.

3. Tickle the funny bone: Big problems may seem trivial when you look at their funny side. Bring in some humor in your relationship, and you both will be the ones laughing out loud. Laugh about silly things together. Be  childlike, mischievous and  become carefree. Life and relationship both can be very boring if you are serious all the time. So, tickle the funny bone  relationships are truly a crazy ride.

Couples that laugh together, stay together.< How laughter can be the glue that keep couples together forever.

4. Tempt: Another base of the good relationship is the temptation. Seduce each other; bring out the passion. Intimacy is essential for a healthy relationship. Smart phones in our hands can do wonders. Seduce your partner via text, whats app images whenever you can. The idea is to be attractive and make your partner long for intimacy. Seduction is the key to a long term relationship.

5. Travel: Travelling together can work wonders for a relationship. Take small trips if not vacations. Explore new places even if in your own city; discovering something new together brings sparks. Travelling also gives ample time to talk to your partner so talk and tell them whatever you want to.  Just do not assume that your partner will understand your silence. No person on earth can read minds; so speak up but don’t fight as traveling together can make or break any relationship.

6. Tune in : Every person is different and you need to respect and understand that. Just like you tune a radio to listen to a song clearly, you need to tune in to hear each other’s thoughts clearly. Accept your partner for who they are and they will accept you for who you are. The biggest mistake in any relationship is trying to change the other person. Do not ever try to make the other person a puppet of your hands. Adjust your tuning with them. You don’t need to make your partner into someone he/she is not in order  to love them.

Why marriage, and relationships in general,need< acceptance and faith to be successful.

7. Take advice: If your relationship seems too difficult to continue, even then give it a last chance by taking some advice either from elders or  professional help like marriage counselors. We are not perfect and there can be times we can take a wrong, hasty decision to break up. Seeking advice could help us to not take the disastrous step.

You can’t make a great dish with wrong ingredients. Even with the right person, there are things you need to work on to make your marriage a happy one.


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