7 types of boyfriends every girl meets at least once!

There are different types of boyfriends that a girl meets in her life. You keep meeting them until and unless you find the one. And how do you know he is the one? We will tell you.

We, girls, spend most of the time of our pre-teen years talking about boys. Not all the time, but, often, we used to check out boys. We would dream of being with our crush and make a list of what kind of boyfriend we would like to date. Right? We are sure you have done that too.

What are the types of boyfriends you meet?

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And when we grew older, some of us had a list of boyfriends that we have dated at different times. Different types of boyfriends at different times- pre-teens, teens, youth and so on. It happens to the best of us. And not every relationship is the same. Some are terrible, and some are just mind-blowing while some are just purely for PR and some go into the real thing.

We zeroed in on 7 types of boyfriends

So, no matter, in which relationship you are in, you might have met these types of boyfriends at least once. Here are the seven types of boyfriends that you have probably met once in your lifetime. We are sure there are types of girlfriends too. And if we make a list it would go up to more than seven types we are pretty sure.

So, let’s see how many types of boyfriends you have dated? And does your current boyfriend fall into any of this category?

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