7 women share what they love in bed about their man

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What got these women ticking in bed?

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t do is being complacent with average sex. Life’s too short for that. Isn’t it awesome to be aware of what is certain to make women go nuts in bed? So, whether you’re reading to see if fellow women share the same kinks as you, or you’re a man who’s looking to pick up a trait or two for better sex, look no further! We spoke to seven women to find out what got them ticking in bed, and this is what they had to reveal.

Build it up

We get it. Sex is amazing. But rushing through the whole process like you’ve got a deadline to ‘finish’ is not quite the best thing to do. “Foreplay”, says Rekha, “is probably the best bit.” She lists a long kissing session as the most important part of foreplay, followed closely by a lot of touching and slow-paced undressing. “It’s like a chorus; no matter what you do, you keep coming back to it”, she says. She’s also very particular about how she wants her man to ‘know when to offer the tongue’ and “judge the pace of…touching”.

Make it dirty

There’s a reason why four of the seven women claimed how a little bit of dirty talk could have them close their eyes in delight. It’s because it works like a charm. No, we’re not talking about the bland kind of talk that you find in porn videos. And a “You like that, huh?” is not what these women found sexy. Aarti, a reader and occasional writer of erotica, particularly stresses on how it’s tremendously sexy to have her man kiss and whisper in her ear the things he intends to do, and the order in which he wishes to proceed, while his hands “go places”.

Pleasure the clitoris

It’s unfortunate that most men tend to disregard what is undoubtedly certain to make their women go crazy. “For any woman”, says Miss Chaudhuri, “sex is best when the man knows how to find and pleasure the clitoris”. Multiple women claim that good tongue-on-clitoris action has often been more reliable when it comes to orgasms than penetrative sex. Chaudhuri went on to say that for her, it’s incredibly sexy when her man takes her steadily from the back with his arms locked loosely around her waist, and his fingers stroking her clitoris.

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Hit the spot

Radhika (name changed) made no bones about letting us know that her boyfriend happens to have an average-sized penis. She loves how her man knows how to use his thing and be comfortable with his size. Very vocal about the importance of ‘hitting the G-spot’, Radhika mentions how his penis, which also happens to be a little arching, works perfectly for her in missionary and cowgirl positions. Located on the front wall, a few inches inside the vagina, the G-spot has been reported to be an intense source of stimulation. And if you’re a man who’s having a hard time finding it, try looking for a bit of texture on the otherwise smooth front wall of the vagina.

Don’t forget the breasts

Not that anyone needs an introduction, but they’re the ones men would never miss even if they had no clue of how to go about sex or foreplay. Turns out, it isn’t as easy. Neha’s ex-boyfriends have all been rather clumsy with breasts. “The force and pace always make it so easy to go wrong with something so simple”, she chuckles. Having said that, Neha mentions that her boyfriend knows just the pace that she enjoys and “always makes it a point to take his time with them instead of rushing”.


“When done right”, claims Shalini, “roleplay has to be the biggest turn-on for me”. She hesitates to reveal what her favourite variant is, but stresses on how her early crushes on her professors tempt her to play her boyfriend’s student. His commitment to the character throughout the course of sex, she admits, keeps her turned on. With a flat of their own, Shalini can afford to play out her acts impromptu and “experiment in a healthy and harmless way”.

Play it Rough

“There’s no harm, and certainly no shame, in consensual rough sex”, says Roshni (name changed) who believes that her faith in her man makes it easier for her to submit to him and have him take charge. An admirer of handcuffs and whips, Roshni believes firmly in safe words, rough handling, and a little bit of pain! Her most intimate moments, she confesses, are those in which she’s kissed with her hair firmly in her man’s grasp. “It makes me feel desired and protected,” she says.

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