8 Rules for her and him

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8 rules for her<

#1< Be an optimist. If he’s grunting, he might be busy. Don’t jump to assume that he’s ignoring you. #2 Be yourself. That’s why he married you in the first place. #3 You’ll fight about the same issues. A short memory helps. #4 Do things together. That’s how you’ll have stuff to talk about, aside from the humdrum of office and home and repeat... #5 Touch. You’ll feel better and so will he. #6 Don’t compare your marriage to others. You’re both unique. #7 Give his interests a chance. You might like them too. #8 Train him well. Put your foot down about things that bug you from Day 1, rather than bringing them up on Day 365.

8 rules for him


Listen. You can grunt, but she might check what you were grunting to, so you need to listen.


Be patient. She’s trying to adjust to your many rules and will eventually remember them.


Don’t bottle up resentment. Let her know you didn’t like something, rather than raking it up in a quarrel about something else.


Watching TV does count as time spent together, but go out too.


Tell her what you want. She can’t read your mind either.


Tell her how your day was.


Let her pursue the interests that made her fall in love with you in the first place.


You don’t need to be strong all the time. She likes it when you ask for her help.


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