Affair and Cheating

90% of young people today are involved with their exes

Relationships nowadays do not have proper closure because couples still stay in touch with their exes via social media. This can have dangerous consequences
couple talking in black and white

When the spouse and their ex plan murder

Twenty-five-year-old Dilshit Jariwala’s murder in Surat in the year 2016 shocked many. The case, which initially seemed to be a robbery-murder case, turned out to be a planned murder, where his wife, with her ex, bumped him off.

Further investigation revealed that Velsee, Dilshit’s wife, and her ex Suketu were in a serious relationship but couldn’t get married due to social issues. The duo parted ways but continued to stay in touch with each other over social media. Soon they discovered that they were both trapped in unhappy marriages. Instead of choosing divorce, they hatched a plan of first killing Dilshit and then Suketu’s wife. However, life had other plans and they got caught red handed.

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  1. As in the case discussed in the article or like in any other case it is just commitment which matters.. one must be responsible towards all the commitments one make and that is the solution

  2. This is very true, breakups are very tough to cope with. Especially if your super attached to the person. In my opinion will power is the most important when breaking up. What do you think?

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