My body was broken but my girlfriend kept my heart whole

broken heart

Love is absolute. I grasped this only 10 months back.

I had been in a happy relationship with my girl for a long time. She was working in Dharamshala and I was 250 km away, in Chandigarh. One weekend, I decided to drive down to Dharamshala so I could devote some time to her.

It was raining heavily and the visibility was down to a hundred meters. But I was in love and these were small impediments. I took my bike and started riding in the mountains. After six hours of riding in the heavy rain, I reached Dharamshala. My fatigue vanished as soon as I saw the smile on her face. And the welcome kiss further made my day, filling my icy cold body with warmth.

Time flew like a 4th generation fighter aircraft and Monday morning arrived. It was 5 in the morning; she was sleeping as peacefully as a child. Planting a goodbye kiss on her cheek, I left for Chandigarh. An early start would give me enough time to reach work without my boss getting mad at me.
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I was riding at a speed of 40 km an hour, enjoying the scenic landscape around me… and missing my girl. I was on the last leg of the hilly terrain when a mini-truck drove at me from the wrong side and clipped me from the right. I blacked out. When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the road and my bike had been flung two meters away from me. I looked down at my leg. It was bent just above my ankle, implying a fracture. I tried to stand but failed. I took out my phone and called an ambulance. Then I called my girl to let her know that I had met with an accident.

The ambulance arrived and I was taken to a hospital. My girl met me there. I could see that she was trying hard to hold back her tears. I was screaming with pain. Soon the doctors took an X-ray – only to reveal that I had 13 fractures! She tried but couldn’t quite hide her shock. After my operation, the doctors said I would be bedridden for a long time and may never be able to walk without support.

With such a serious injury, I felt that it was probably best that she marry someone other than me. I would be a liability for the rest of my life. But she insisted on staying with me; she took leave from work and spent all her time in the hospital, taking care of my every need – from cleaning my excreta to feeding me… She kept her nerve and kept me motivated. She would cry but only while I slept, never around me. Months went by… she now focused on my diet.

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After five months of regular physiotherapy and my girl’s hard work, I started walking without any support. Today, I am normal – albeit with a lot of implants in my body. She gave me a new lease of life and now, I and my girlfriend are married. She held on to me in the most difficult of times, despite my fear; she refused to leave me. Now we are going to spend the rest of our lives together. All thanks to her efforts, prayers and exemplary motivation.

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  1. Kudos. In this age filled with cheating by spouses while being in marriages, you people stood strong and exemplary under challenging situations while in dating. Wish you all prosperity and happiness and May God bless you people. Nice for sharing such lovely story.

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