A College Romance Blossoms into a Mature Relationship

From spending seven days a week together in college to struggling to find time for each other, Salonee and my relationship has advanced a lot.

We met through common friends while we were still studying in Pune and we started liking each other almost instantly. The next logical step was to date. The compatibility and our fondness for the other kept growing as we spent a lot of time together.

During college days, because neither of us was very busy, we devoted all our time and feelings to each other. Those are the days I reminiscence about even today, as we spent the best part of our college life together.

But the sweet years of college had to end someday and currently, we’re both busy in very engaging professional lives which eats into almost all our time. She’s an assiduous journalist and I work a 9-7 job as well, which leaves very limited time on my hands to interact with her. It is a colossal shift considering we are both trying to find ourselves in the hustle bustle of Pune.

I believe at some points of the week, this change seems to be taxing since the number of phone calls has reduced from infinity to 7-8 times a day only. An even bigger challenge for me is making time to meet her and recreating those magical moments.

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On some unfortunate Saturdays, we both labour at our respective jobs which leaves us with only one day to juggle between meeting each other and also, devoting time to our families. The dates have merely reduced to a movie or a meal with her as compared to what it used to be earlier when we could repeat rounds of watching movies, going for dinner and talking about sweet nothings for hours each day.

This massive change has definitely had a huge impact on me as a guy in a relationship because this is something I hadn’t foreseen. I dearly miss partying with her and sometimes, I do get frustrated with the whole scenario as we’re living in the same city yet we seem so distant. But despite these changes we haven’t grown apart.

There are certain factors in our relationship which don’t seem as similar as they used to be previously but as two individuals growing older, we are maturing gracefully. What I am most glad about is that we’ve managed to keep the essence of the relationship alive to a huge extent and haven’t lost it to busy days and taxing jobs.

Before I started working, I wasn’t a very engaged person but dating her has certainly helped me become a lot calmer, sorted and with an ambition in life. If I’m doing something exceptionally well in my career today, I owe it to Salonee entirely. From college days to this day, I am grateful to her for bringing out the best in me. Back then, the wonderful girlfriend managed to instil a sense of responsibility in me which keeps growing with time.

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  1. Adolescence is steeped in awkwardness and hormones. But there are couples who meet during that time of change and confusion who find — and stay in — love.

    We often have the perception that a high school romance is likely to end when college or adulthood begins. This couple has proved the perception wrong!

    A cute story!

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