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As per the Indian penal code, a woman has a sole right over her property and assets completely up to her how she manages or utilizes it. It is her right let it be her’s, this is what I have to say in particular. If a wife decides to give away her salary completely to her parents, it is definitely her choice and the decision must be respected rather than questioned.

However, a wife must also show sensitivity towards her marriage, if the marriage is going through rough patches due to a financial crunch or if the husband is unable to maintain the family due to whatsoever reasons be it low income, deteriorating health conditions or spending huge amounts on his parent’s medical treatments or his children for that matter, In that case, the wife must take a call depending on the kind of situation. Wives must take into account several factors to ensure she takes the correct and an effective decision for the welfare of both her marriage as well as her parents.

Husband’s must support their wives if they wish to allocate a portion or complete salary that she earns for her parents. Gender parity comes into the picture now, if a husband fulfills his duty by spending his wage on the maintenance of his parents, doesn’t it become the duty of wives as well to look after her parents? Indian law calls for the fact that parents are entitled to financial share at the discretion of their children. It is high time we break the male ego. Men puffed up with vanity feel that their wife’s salary is also a part of his salary and that he has every right to it without the assent of their wife’s. It is true that wives are entitled to their husband’s income, shelter, and care but here looking after each other is not the issue, the issue is highly sensitive, it is a matter of your parents who gave birth and raised you, did every possible thing to ensure you have a better life and a decent standard of living. You have even inherited your parent’s property by law but does your duty just end there itself?

If a wife staying away from her parents feels that by giving her salary to her parents, she’s doing her bit what’s the harm in it? After all marriage is not just about two people, it also takes into account the bonding between the families, the understanding, respect and the concern that they show for each other. Let the husband put himself into the place of his wife and think rationally in such emotional situations.

The controversial and the most debatable question is what will be the husband’s response to this? Speaking of the stereotypes and the common notion that we generally have of Indian men most agree to the fact that they will raise eyebrows slamming the move, but there are men who will endorse the move like nobody else setting an example for many to follow him and idolize him for that matter. I have personally known husbands who give in to their wife’s decisions and that certainly does not turn him into a sycophant or hen-pecked husbands as perceived by a general lot of morons. These morons consider themselves to be the intellectuals and patriarch of Manhood for that matter looking for ways to dominate or outdo women for the sole reason to enforce the belief that Men are superior and they have all the power of the world.

To summarize, a majority of the men are unlikely to give a nod but with women being entitled to more rights and more power, raging issues like women empowerment permeating in our cultures, women definitely have their say be it in their bedrooms or outside. More women will be heard in the midst of the fa├žade they have been trying to build around themselves for ages. It’s just that they are being acknowledged now by just a few sensible group of individuals bestowed with a broader horizon of cognition. The rest are still dealing with the power of men which they are neither able to exercise it to the best of their abilities nor overcome it. Keeping in mind the gender parity that the nation is pitching, let couples communicate their decisions have confrontations and conflicts to clarify stuff. If it is for a genuine reason a sincere request to all the husbands to please excuse your wife because you surely wish to die with a golden heart, don’t you ????


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