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Thinking about sex

I have a friend who is a great enthusiast, loves to relate her tales of sex in all its forms, and believes that the road to bliss is having multiple orgasms every day. Oh well! She is happily married, by the way. According to her, the average person thinks about sex at least once a day. Let us face it, the thought DOES cross the mind of the average person often enough and here are a couple of reasons why in all probability. From my simple ‘analytical’ bent into this arena, here goes.

When there is no sexual drive whatsoever, in the realm of going the whole hog, sex becomes a constant in the mind of an individual. Given the fact that one may want it, but cannot have it, is the root cause why the thought process works overtime. In addition, if you have gone the whole nine yards, and have not had sex for a while, you get the craving.

You see someone hot (male/female) and you feel something weird happening. It could be the juices working overtime, or just the yearning to get up and get going. Most likely, the person may not feel the same way. You sigh and are immersed in a debate with friends or sulk. Perhaps your hand is your best friend.

After a surgery, the doctor’s advice is to refrain from frisky activity. This is the time when you want something, anything. The problem that arises (pun intended) is when you cannot stop at second base – you need to go the whole way. Doctors orders need to be followed, sex needs to be on a back burner!

During a stifled relationship with a partner (spouse), you cannot for the life of you, imagine going through the rigors because the vigor is so out of sync. The one way that helps you during the heave-ho and huffing is imagining that you are in bed with someone else. Uh, uh! How sad for the partner! Nevertheless, since you are needed, you may as well bring in your A game.

Too much work can turn you off from wanting anything more than getting the job done, and I mean work here. The problem is that all work and no play certainly makes both Jack and Jane dull, so if you need some nookie, get it done with already and don’t bring stress to the presentation. Invariably the need arises in the most inappropriate times.

Excessive porn has made men and women alike want to up the ante in the bedroom. Unfortunately, what looks really happening, like being a part of the mile high club, may not be as comfortable. Have the thrill if the need beckons, but imagine limping back to your seat in agony. In addition, the sixty (forget fifty here) shades may be good, but not everyone’s cuppa.

The reasons prove that most of us think of sex often. Sex DOES bring people together especially when love is on the cards. The wham, bam, and slam may suit you for a while, but honestly, making out with a loved one is cooler than opting for some heave-ho with a hookup.

Note: I am talking about people who have not dedicated their lives to God.


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