A few differences is what spices up a relationship!

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Opposites attract

People talk nineteen in a dozen about things that need to be similar for a couple to click. But, to rephrase Joe South, I beg your pardon. Life never promised you a rose garden: Along with the sunshine there’s got to be a little rain sometime. Love is real when it is not only about the good qualities you see in your partner: it is true when it is in spite of everything that your partner is. A few clashes in choices or a little disagreement is what spices up the relationships.

Couples with fundamental difference often end up in long-term to lifelong relationships. So celebrate your difference, without which your life would be a constant colourless nodding in agreement. Here are some common differences that are seen in most couples.

Early bird/night owl

The going gets tough if you are a night owl and you are dating an early bird. Let me explain this without getting avian. If you have the habit of going to sleep and waking up late and your partner is the opposite, then it is an arduous ordeal. Whether you want to wish each other good morning or squeeze in a post-dinner chat, the other would obviously be asleep. Most couples have this problem, as their sleep cycles don’t sync.

On the plus side, this means that one of you is always awake and can fend off that alien attack.

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Fan on/off

Every couple living together complains about this on a regular basis. If it is a season when the weather is changing, one of you is always cold while the other feels hot. Irritating are those moments when your partner wants the fan on but sleeps under sheets during early winter. Or maybe it’s spring and you can’t wait to turn on the AC, while your partner still shivers under a comforter in the early hours of morning.

Maybe it’s time to use that spare bedroom? The enforced distance should pep up your sex life when you do have occasion to share a bed.

Spicy or not

You might be seating there, out of breath and sweating, while your partner says to the waiter, “Bhaiya, tikha nahi hai!” (It’s not spicy enough). The number of chillies on a menu card that fills you up with horror leaves your partner dissatisfied. Dinners will always be for three: you, your partner and chillies. You can’t share food or even eat from each other’s plate as your taste buds contradict.

So you can eat your favourite fairy light peas pulao in peace, knowing no one will sneak in a spoon when you’re not looking.


When it comes to dancing, one is always better than the other in a couple. While one wants to dance the night away, the other claims that they have two left feet. But you always join each other and help each other improve.

Or just both try the funnier version of the moves…

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Vacation planning

You may both love to travel or both hate it: but you will never know. While one would just want to relax on the holidays other would definitely want to go trekking. Luxurious hotels, a bathtub and room service may attract one of you, while wilderness, sleeping under the stars, breakfast in the mountains attracts the other.

Vacation planning
Vacation planning

But you can take turns choosing your vacation spot, so you have one luxury chill and one adventure thrill.

Hot head/calm head

Every spitfire needs a fire hydrant. If you are a calm sort of person, your partner surely would be a hot head. In these cases, you are more complementary rather than being compatible.

Try and figure out why the spark is lit in one and why it doesn’t inflame the other. You will get new insights into each other.

Who kills cockroaches in the relationship?

Who is the knight in shining armour and who is the royal in distress in your relationship? I mean, who kills the dangerous cockroach in the kitchen while the other shrinks and screams? There’s always one in every couple.

And maybe the other person is braver about lizards on the floor (which followed the cockroaches in).

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Emotional vs. practical

Emotional vs. practical
Emotional vs. practical

If you are a dreamer, your partner ought to be the one who works to realise the dreams. You think of incredible things like having grass in your sixth floor balcony, but you only dream and hope, while your partner is the one to find artificial grass and surprise you with a garden.

Then you might realise that the grass is greener in the park below, but it was worth a try, wasn’t it?

Personal hygiene

Best are the friends whose OCD levels match, but that is not true about a couple. Your partner may be the kind who wears shoes to the bedroom while you are the sort that has covers for their shoe covers.

This one is tough to live with, but at least you know someone will always have wet wipes and hand sanitiser handy.
love nd friendship

Love actually

While one of you is hopelessly romantic, the other is subtler in their expression. You may want to make extravagant and extraordinary gestures to your partner to profess your love, while your partner may do simple things that show that they are paying attention. While you book a romantic cruise for both of you, your partner remembers to send your parents their anniversary gift beforehand.

All bases covered!

In a relationship, you don’t need an exact replica of yourself. It is sufficient to have your partner as yin to your yang: it creates universal harmony.

Tell us in the comments below, how many of these differences are familiar to you.

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Readers Comments On “A few differences is what spices up a relationship!”

  1. Manjari Thakur

    At the end of the day, no two humans are completely alike. So if we just learn to accept that, and start appreciating each other’s differences rather than resisting or retaliating againt them, life would be so much alive.

  2. saloni maheshwari

    This one is pretty interesting!
    Me and my guy we always keep fighting that we are not similar so, these kinds of arguments take place and all. But now knowing this fat that differences actually spice up the relation, I feel really good :P.

    So, ya we do have differences like
    1. FanOn/off
    2. Spicy thing: He likes spicier
    3. Cleanliness: In this case I am cleanliness freak

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