A few things that men do are always annoying. Here are some of them!

Meenu Mehrotra
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6 annoying things about guys that girls don’t like

Men can be sweet, caring and adorable, and we love to be around them. But interestingly, they can be very annoying at times too, making us wonder what to do with them. There are things about guys that simply put a girl off. Whether it’s the early days of dating or you have been married for over a decade, some things are so not cool when it comes to being partners or being a couple.

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1. Being stingy

No girl likes her guy to be a cringer when it comes to spending money on dates, buying gifts, going out for dinners, movies and being a bad tipper. Girls feel special when they go out with their guy and appreciate being wined and dined, but there’s nothing less attractive than a man who cringes while spending money and shows it too. Yes, no one is expecting you to be an Ambani, but being more of a man means spending whatever you can and have with grace and style.

2. Not responding to texts

It takes ages for them to respond to our texts and that can really piss you off. Why even bother starting a conversation when you do not plan to text back?

3. Toilet seat

This is a classic one where men and women do not see eye to eye, ever. What is so difficult about putting down the godforsaken toilet seat?

4. Pretending

So you are still on Tinder after we have been dating for over a month? Just say what you want – even if you want to see other girls, fine – just be honest and let us know. We can be overly emotional sometimes, but we’re also capable of rational thinking and assessing a situation just as you are. And do not underestimate the power of a fierce woman.

5. Assuming things

Why don’t you just ask her whatever she’s going through or upsetting her, instead of assuming that she might be on her period that’s why she’s so cranky or she must have had a fight at work?

6. Show off

Nothing puts off a girl than a guy who shows off his prized possessions blatantly – whether it’s a swanky car or an expensive watch. She would appreciate it more if you were unassuming and didn’t flaunt it but spoke about it with passion.

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