A five-minute dance and a lifetime of love

An interview that leaves you smiling and feeling good. Maya and Manish speak of how they fell in love, their love that looked beyond cultural differences and waking up beside each other.

Imagine a scenario where you are in a college fest, the ground is heavily crowded, everyone’s dancing and you are in the middle of it. Then a friend introduces you to someone and you dance with him for a mere five minutes. But obsessing about it for the next whole month. Life never felt this good to you and now you don’t know how you would ever be able to live without him. Well, but it is a beautiful scenario, right? Finding a lifetime of love through a 5-minute dance.

Maya and Anish found a lifetime of love

This is literally the story of Maya and Manish. A five – minute dance united them for their entire life. This is one of the real-life stories that redefine romance like nothing before…

A typical Maharashtrian man falls in love with another Maharashtrian girl. Well, owing to the fact that Maya lived with a Punjabi family during her childhood and college days, she was more Punjabi than Marathi. A typical Marathi boy was being fed all the Punjabi food and he loved it.

How their romance bloomed

The sweetest thing that Maya likes about her husband is how for every occasion, he gives her a greeting card. She now has over 200 plus greeting cards. How cute is that, right?

A lifetime of love is not easy to find

They are a true cosmopolitan couple and while their personalities are so much, in contrast, their love is still as strong as day one. And that’s how it must be right? Love over everything. Because it’s so incredibly rare to find the true love that will last you an entire lifetime and beyond!

Watch the video to know about this adorable couple


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