A heartfelt letter from a fan

shahrukh khan
Dear Shah Rukh Sir,

I am a huge fan of yours and I’ve always been. I still have your autograph when you had come to Fiji in 1998 with Juhi Chawla and cherish that memory immensely. But when I saw you promoting a fairness cream in an ad it simply broke my heart.Sir, you are an idol to the millions of fan out there and so many of them just like me wouldn’t be of a fair skin tone. Have you ever thought what repercussions might occur when you, who has the power to influence peoples mindset, is part of a campaign that suggests that only those who are fair are good looking and by using a fairness product they can get lucky in love and find a partner of their choice? After watching your ad and trying to use the product for n number of times, and not getting the desired results , so many people may have gone into depression. So many must have felt demotivated, thousands of young guys and girls’ self esteem must have fallen .

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Sir, I’m sure you wouldn’t ask your kids to use such a product. You would teach them to love yourself. To be happy in their own skin. Then why send so many youngsters into a deluded state of mind? Why convey a wrong message to people that beauty is synonymous to fairness? Is it always and all about Money??? You melted so many hearts by playing JUG the perfect life counsellor in Dear Zindagi.

But sir , being part of an ad campaign , such as a fairness product, you are breaking many hearts such as mine. Isn’t it UNFAIR???

India is such a diverse nation and we are proud of our skin color. And for a public figure such as you who has the power to bring about major changes in our society and it’s mindset, it is disappointing for us fans that you will support such an ideology (fair is lovely/handsome). Wasn’t it enough that girls were put under pressure to look fairer and now guys have also become a part of the rat race to become fair and handsome.

Sir please consider my request because I know you have that magic wand that can change the world around us.

I will always love you and your work sir.

Yours truly,

Fan ketki.

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