A homemaker’s job

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A housewife’s job, as they say, is never done. It goes on 24/7, 365 days a year.

While corporate and other jobs have holidays and weekends, our load increases on these days. Because with others at home, we get busy getting them to enjoy themselves. So we work twice as hard!!

What with planning meals, overseeing domestic chores, keeping the house in order, helping kids with homework, being a sounding board to the family, etc. etc., our hands are perpetually full. What we really treasure are the rare moments of peace we manage to find out in our non-stop schedules.

To nose-up-in-the-air snobs our job is easy – after all we are at home, unemployed, lazying about – what can targets and deadlines mean to us? But only we know the significance of seemingly unimportant tasks like getting hot and delicious meals ready on time, being there for the family when they need us, lending a patient ear to all problems. And while corporate jobs are easily filled with replaceable incumbents, our job is hard to fill up with anyone else but us.

As our designations became glamorized to homemakers from the lowly housewife, we looked up to some more appreciation of the hard work and sweat we put in to keep our homes functioning smoothly.

But appreciation and acknowledgement are hard to come by, and usually people turn their noses up when they hear you are just a homemaker. Its only when we are missing in action, do people realize what we do.

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