A man’s angst – Mother or Wife!

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The question of choosing any one between mother and wife is raised to a man very often. The situation here becomes critical for the man. Its hard for him to choose between his mother and his wife. Women find it attractive always when they see a man respecting the woman who gave him birth. At the same time, it is always the desire of a woman that her partner loves her more than he loves his mother.

The question now is that who is a man’s angst? Is it his wife or his mother? Well the roles of a mother and a wife are completely different. One can not be compared to the other. The man or the boy is always confused between the two which is not required. There may be a certain point of time where either one of them could be wrong. Often the mother thinks that listening to a wife is a sign of weakness. Even the wife at some point of time calls her husband as mother’s little boy. The wife is often seen as the one to separate the man with his mother.

A man always wishes that her girlfriend or his wife does everything for him as his mother used to. He wants his wife to love him, care for him in the same way as that of his mother. This is not because he wants to replace his mother with his wife but because he does not wants to trouble his mom anymore. He wants that her wife takes all the responsibilities that were on his mother. Though it is done for a good cause, some mothers take it in a wrong way. They think that the new member of their family is taking their place. It’s always in the mind of mothers that a girl will separate them from their child.

A 1992 Bollywood movie ‘Beta’ featuring Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit reveals the fact that it’s not always the wife who is wrong. Sometimes, even a mother is so much fond for her child, that she takes a wrong step.

For a man, it’s always better to listen to their views separately. This could be the only single way to deal with a situation involving a mother and a wife. A man’s angst can never be any one of the two. It always depends on the situation and the type of relation he has with his mother or a wife. If he takes his mother’s side, he would be called ‘laadla’ and on the other hand if he supports his wife he is a ‘Joru ka Gulam’. The man is not safe on either side.


Readers Comments On “A man’s angst – Mother or Wife!”

  1. As humans, we all have different roles to play. One single human being cannot cater to all our emotional needs and precisely for that reason we have mother, sister, wife, mistress. Therefore, any sensible man would know the different roles the women in his lives play and would be happy with it.

  2. I wouldn’t say women want a man to love them more than their mother. No one can challenge a bond between mother and child. And a wife and a mother-to-be I am in no contest with my mother in law. We should not expect our parents in our partners. I would not want my husband to be like my dad, neither will I be a mother to him. Two very different relations in my opinion

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