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A matter of faith


I am not a religious person at least not in a strictly glorified way. I do participate in poojas and other celebrations, keep fast on karwa chauth and other stuff because that keeps my family happy. I am a believer. I do believe that there is someone who takes care of us all and when requires even guide us towards the right but whether we pick the right steps or not is completely our decision. But here the point is not that. Apart from religion, there is another thing in which my faith is purely non-existent and that is astrology. I just don’t understand how few stone and stars billion of light years away can have the power to make or break our lives.

May be it’s my liberal upbringing, my intelligent and rational parents who too feel the same is the reason behind my thought process. But as they say just give it sometime.

Since last one and a half years or so, my family is going through a rough time. Financially, emotionally and mentally it has been quite tough on all of us. While we smile on, it hides our struggles, frustrations and many a heartaches. We were suggested by a very dear friend of my husband to consult his father who yes you guessed it right, was an astrologer albeit by hobby as he never took any fee for his consultation.

Being averse to all this, I initially didn’t go with my husband to visit Uncle but when after returning from the meeting my husband told me the details, I was really shocked to hear the kind of things or the depth of information shared by the elderly gentleman. In fact, he asked my husband to take me for the next visit.

The next visit kept getting delayed for many a reasons that were out of our control and after almost more than 7-8 months I went to meet an astrologer with hardly any faith in his subject.

While it was nothing very melodramatic or like the three Macbethian witches but he did tell me things, he was not supposed to know. He questioned me, encouraged me to share, and then very gently gave me hope. After speaking to me for say 10-15 minutes, he turned to my husband and continued speaking to him softly. As they talk, I studied him as in scrutinized him thoroughly. He looked like an elderly retired neighbourly uncle who will not chat with you but will definitely wish you and ask your well-being whenever you meet him. He had soft eyes that looked with care and concern and shone with knowledge. His barely audible voiced had a grainy texture that quivered due to old age and failing health but was full of concern for us.

He told us lots of things about our careers, health, and family. But the best was he told my husband to support me and stand by me through thick and thin because I am his Lakshmi. Very simple thing but the way he said made it sound grander. As his fee, he asked my husband to bring mithayi with his first salary at the new place.


Believe me, we got results very soon after that. Everything was gradually falling into place. Ten days before my husband was to get his salary cheque, we got to know that uncle has passed away suddenly. He felt little uneasy and in a very short time took his last breath early in the morning.

I still don’t know whether I will go to any other astrologer or not but I will remember his words forever. To have faith no matter how tough life becomes, how dark it gets and how disappointing everything seems as blessings are always round the corner.

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