A novice at sex, how do I know if I am satisfying my girlfriend?

Never had sex before, need information
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Dear Ma’am,

My girlfriend and I have been friends for three years and started dating a few months back. We both did not have any relationships before this. We got intimate recently and it was the first time for both of us. Being intimate is still a new experience for us. What I wanted to understand from you ma’am is how will I know if I am fully satisfying my girlfriend (as in sexually)? Please guide as I am a novice in this department.

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Avani Tiwari says:

Hi Novice!

The ‘first time’ is a scary nervous experience and that’s okay. Practice

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  1. Yes. It is so important to have candid conversation about each others’ sexual needs, and if they are enjoying the process or not. Such discussion not only brings a better awareness of each other’s needs , it also shows that you both validate each other’s role in physical intimacy. And that would surely bring you both closer in a more meaningful way.

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