A spa visit gave me erectile dysfunction and an infection in my private parts

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Dear Ma’am,

I am a 27-year-old unmarried male and suffering from Erectile Dysfunction since June 2017.

I used to have healthy erections. I never had any problems during masturbation and ejaculation.

I used to get hard erections while sleeping. The whole process was quick, from arousal to ejaculation.

Then I had a minor incident. I went to a spa. It was an all-female staff. During massage, I was trying to control my erections as I was feeling aroused. Somehow I was successful in controlling it. During the massage, the person performing massage sat on my spine to massage my spine. At that time, I felt a pain in my penis. So, I told her to step down.
Since then the problems started: I did not think of situation as anything, really. (It was linked by doctors later.) Ever since then, when I masturbate, I do not get erections. I was not feeling anything while doing it.

The next day, I saw my dorsal nerve had swollen and I felt minor pain while urinating. I started seeing red spots on the penis head quite often. I felt a minor discomfort every time I lifted weights or was doing some activity. Night erections stopped.

I have consulted many doctors since then, earlier I was misdiagnosed, and then sonography and Doppler test was done. The results were fine. Blood and testosterone was normal.

After the Doppler test, my penis started to get erections about 70-80% but it subsided automatically. If I try for 2-3 hrs, then I get constant erections (70%) but even at that stage, it is difficult to ejaculate. It started erecting at an angle and there was a bend in erections. The front region of the penis does not get erect. Even the night erections have subsided and it happens at an angle. But even then, the front region never gets erect. Minor discomfort still exists. Red spots come and go. Swelling of dorsal nerve still exists erections gets easily suppressed by clothing. (I have no problems of diabetes, obesity, hormones, etc.)
I took some medications – Allopathy, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy. I have not seen any changes.

I am seeking cause and treatment options for my problems, both psychological and minor physical discomfort. Also, sometimes I have the feeling whether I have been misdiagnosed because I had many questions and those were not answered by any doctor. Sorry for the long post. Since I was misdiagnosed so many times and I had so many questions, I felt the need to mention everything.

Dr. Sharmila Majumdar says:

Hello young man,

Your situation seems to be a mix of physiological and psychological problem.

I feel you had sustained a trauma to your private parts during the spa session.

The spinal plays a role in a man’s erection. Upon stimulation, it sends messages from the brain to the penis where a scientific process called the cyclic GMP begins and nitric oxide is released. This leads to the blood flows into the penis and erection occurs.

Since you say all the reports were fine, I cannot comment without seeing them.

Infections: About the appearance about the red spot, it could indicate either an infection or an allergy which needs to be investigated, as it’s still appearing. You see, many spas are the breeding ground of STI.

The good news: Your erectile function is returning is a good news. Do not be too hard on your penis, and avoid stressing about getting 100% erectile function. I cannot diagnose your problem, unless I do a physical examination.

Calm your mind: In the meanwhile, please relax, keep your mind calm, try yoga or meditation, deep breathing exercises. Don’t search the Internet incessantly for answers, it will confuse you and disturb your mind. Besides, the Internet is not a doctor. Focus on your work, spend time with family and friends. Involve yourself in activities like gardening, which have a soothing effect on your mind.

All the very best to you.
Dr. Sharmila

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Readers Comments On “A spa visit gave me erectile dysfunction and an infection in my private parts”

  1. I have married in 2014 and I have one kid…..Upto 2017 my sexual life is so strong but recent days onwards am suffering with erection,if I get good erection facing premature ejaculation,we both are not happy in personal number life, regarding this problem I want consult you mam ,plz give me an appointment.

    1. Ayesha Brinison

      Wow, I’m sorry to read that Ramu. I hope they are able to help figure out why this is all of a sudden happening. Good luck to you .I really do hope things change for you. – And listen, don’t beat yourself up about it. Sometimes it’s a part of life’s changes. As long as your woman loves you, everything will work out.

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