A strange attraction

Butterfly pairs

Why is it that two stars shine together,

While another in jealousy moves farther?

Why is it that two birds find a song to sing,

While others wander lost, around and within?

Why is it that two butterflies flaunt their colours,

While others are afraid of catching their fervour?

Why is it that an entire crowd stops breathing,

For two hearts to keep beating?

Did you notice this one thing,

That everything in this world exists in pairs?

The question has an answer.

Beauty has its admirer.

The road has its traveller.

The web has its spider.

The thought and the laughter.

Happy and ever after.

Even the known has the unknown.

So do not try to bother,

For there is no dipped-in-ink answer.

Just a few happenings,

That pull you

Closer and closer and closer,

To your impatient destination,

That does not rest,

Until you are bound and taken,

By a strange attraction.

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