A supportive husband is not behind, he’s at the forefront


Behind every successful wife is a supportive husband. Right? Wrong! A wife is successful not because the supportive husband is behind but because he is at the forefront cheering her, taking charge of the house and kids when she is travelling or busy. Krupa Sumanth, a successful event organiser in Mysuru who began 18 years ago by putting up by sari stalls in local exhibitions, now organises mega exhibitions. The spunky woman owes her success to her go-getter temperament, business acumen and her doting husband. Krupa and Sumanth, a successful businessman himself, have been happily married for 20 years.

How does Sumanth support you?

A year after we got married, I bought a few saris from Bangalore to sell at a local exhibition in Mysuru at a small margin. All hell broke loose at home when some relatives from my in-laws’ family saw me sitting at a tiny stall selling saris. They chided my husband for ‘allowing’ me to bring disgrace to the family, but he was unperturbed; he left the decision to me. It is ironical that 20 years later the same relatives congratulate me when they see my photographs or read something about me in the newspaper, telling me how proud they are of me. Fortunately I didn’t have to fight battles at home.

It is easier to face challenges outside than the ones at home. I have a high regard for those women who struggle to make a name for themselves without any support from their families.

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But support and success are commas and not full stops. When I have to travel, Sumanth pitches in to make sure the house functions smoothly even in my absence. A few years ago, once I had to travel when kids had exams. On all the five days that I was away, Sumanth came home early and sat with the boys to make sure they studied well. Of course, they didn’t do extremely well, but it wasn’t so bad either.

Do you believe that for a woman, an encouraging husband is one of the prerequisites to be successful?

I owe my success to my husband because he didn’t give me things on a platter; instead he asked me to fetch them myself. Once I wanted to buy an exorbitantly priced dress, when I was a homemaker. I felt extremely bad when he told me that if I want to indulge in such expensive things then I need to earn them myself, but perhaps that pushed me to do my best. Now if I look back, I am glad he didn’t pamper me by buying whatever I wanted. If he’d done so, I would’ve never worked hard to reach where I am today.

You had an arranged marriage 20 years ago. How do you keep the spark alive?

We spend a lot of time together. We stay connected throughout the day, party together, we bond well but we aren’t at each other’s throats all the time, we give each other a lot of space, which has helped us to grow our relationship. We are a hands-on couple, knowing everything about each other. We have set aside an hour in the morning when the kids have left for school and we have yet to leave for our work, we sit together and chat about the previous day. I believe both husband and wife are able to support each other when they themselves are satisfied in their own professions.

Being a businessman himself, does he give you advice?

I do tell him about the exhibitions that I am going to do and the shows that I’ll be hosting. He doesn’t believe in giving unsolicited advice as he knows that I’ll be able to manage on my own but if I have some issues, I do discuss with him and then it is up to me to accept or reject his advice.

When I have a bad day, he knows it, he remains quiet, listens calmly without passing judgements and when I have cooled down, he will give his two cents.

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Sumanth adds, “A successful wife is a happy wife and if the wife is happy, the entire house is happy. I am proud of Krupa. Today, she has made a name for herself in her profession. There is no compulsion and pressure on her to work, she works at her own pace and enjoys what she is doing.”

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