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A Tale of Hunter and Gatherer

In the beginning let me introduce you to the two supreme characters of this story –The male actor-Hunter and the female actor- Gatherer.

This tale is not of today but has been trailing down back from the history, but its grip is still very strong till date. The modernized world has however turned the silent fights between these two actors in a dramatic way but the roots are so strong that it’s difficult to eradicate it to totally from society and bring around the equilibrium, the want of today’s world.

It’s not only in the developing or third world countries but also in the developed world’s where the fight for equalization exists and is being fought tremendously starting from ones home till the high bureaucratic society. The more educated the two are the more complex is the collision accept some lucky ones.

I personally never really believed in this fight and always thought that such fight or perspectives might have existed in ancient periods. My argument with my Personal Investigator of our research laboratory over this was we talk of humanism nowadays but he always stuck to the point of the hunter and gatherer. His thought is, “There is a balance in this concept where the Hunter goes in search of food and the Gatherers assembles all around to keep their family feeded and cozy from the harshness of the environment. A society can survive without thousand hunters but without a single gatherer this society will turn upside down. She balances the biome of Nature through nurture and love. Hunters are harsh; they don’t posses that very character. Gatherers can transform themselves to furious Hunters when their families are in severe want, but it’s always difficult for the Hunters to do the vice-versa. However, in this race of Socialistic equilibrium somewhere the balance of this Hunter and Gatherer is getting distorted. In this the hysterical want of being the supreme in the society is getting the most response. Somewhere, the society we lived in twenty years ago, the bond the Hunter and Gatherer shared isn’t the same in today’s world and we all need to win the Throne of Supremacy.”

My father has a different opinion though but with the same conclusion. He says, “You are my fearless Tigress and you are thousand times more powerful than the Tiger. But, yes you do need to keep on proving yourself to the society. Because you bear several characters at a single time and many a times when you play too many characters people take you for granted and start treating you as ordinary. During this time the fight between the Gatherer and the Hunter begins to dignify ones lawful and justified position in the society thus causing disruption as the rest of the society. Respect for each other’s position in the society is what we require but the race is slowly killing the emotion of respect and putting in the urge of fight amongst both which is turning lethal and killing the beauty of the society.”

Two different people with two different perspectives but with the same conclusion. So, what about the gatherers? I asked the same question to a strong and independent lady, my guardian angel Dr Nita Paul the same question. Her answer was, “This society is Hunter dominating, but why? Have we ever asked the question to us the gatherers ourselves ever? Not because they want to dominate us but because we gatherers like to get dominated. The most naked truth of society is that one gatherer is not ready to help other gatherer to progress. We gatherers are like crabs who try to pull down the one who tries to crawl outside the societal tumbler where we stay. Instead of pulling oneself down if we can help each other then we all can get out of this pit. But, no, we have not acquired that. We like to be slaves and always pin point first negativity of that Gatherer who has successfully somehow alone came out of that pit. Honestly speaking only we ourselves can help us and no one else. There isn’t a need of fight with the Hunters because we have our own uniqueness and they theirs. We were born with our own aura of supremacy and them theirs. If we respect our own dignity and stay strong then the fight of supremacy can be over. Dear it’s hard to achieve but not impossible though. Can we gatherers really make that happen? Because, it’s only we who can make them happen and no one else only if we are united then.”

Okay, so Hunters have their unity, it’s their inherit instinct because in ancient times when hunters used to go for a big hunt for their community they always went as a team, since team work is the only thing that could save them from any attacks. So, is it that this unity or team spirit is much more in their genes till date that overpowers the gatherers and is dominating them? Getting this question solve a thousand miles away from my home in a village somewhere in South by a group of uneducated ladies was the most unexpected thing. But, then you never know where from you get what.

When I asked them the same question through an interpreter at first they burst out in huge laughter then lighting their big rolled tobacco and passing them slowly to each other they said, “Does a gatherer herself have respect for her?”

I asked, “Why?”

An aged lady of around 80 years answered, “If you respect yourself and dignify yourself with full attitude not a single Hunter can deny your presence and disrespect you”.

Other lady added, “We have stopped thinking outside the box. Once we start thinking outside of it and raise our hand for help, there might be few denials but then acceptance will find its way. A hunter can never be a gatherer and a gatherer can never be a hunter but both are important aspects of the society. One without the other shall be of no use. We are just villagers but we have seen the dominance of the hunters over us. It’s possible only because we allow them to do that. The moment we repulse our position back the turmoil increases and we find ourselves against us. The gatherers against the gatherers. Why? Because we are used to stay within the same box, lead the same life and pass on the same genes from generation to generation. This life is not a fight between the hunters and gatherers but an aspect of equilibrium to be maintained between the both with the increase in space of spreading both wings together so that the flight can be smoothed and safe. But, we are busy cutting the wings of ourselves down and then get concerned that we are losing the race of the society. In this we try to overpower the other and the turbulence increases and leads this whole society to agust.”

The same answer from different gatherers and from different localization of the society with different personalities and yet the conclusion is the same. Are we gatherers ready for the change within ourselves so that we can help each other out to progress in the society with our chiasmic aura? This then will itself create the balance of the gatherers with the hunters of the society providing the helping hand for each other to survive together, or else the race of superiority will slowly kill the humanism and make us cannibals ready to cut off the other into pieces. Do give it a thought?

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