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So here I am, writing a blog on life at just 30!! What I had ideally imagined and planned to be doing some 45 years from now, with shaky hands, grey hair, heavy glasses, my grandchild and I shedding our teeth together. but like my life, nothing really happens as planned!

So what is this big deal we make about LIFE?? what is life perceived to be? Some seven years ago, before I met my best friend turned current husband(and hopefully the forever one), I planned to be settled somewhere in Australia which for some unknown reason has been my favorite place on planet Earth since time immemorial, accomplishing a name for myself at my workplace(considering the loads of accolades and pats I got during my short tenure at work), undertake what I am fascinated with the most..i.e. dressing up and presenting myself as my fashionable sum up.. I planned to live life queen size. Instead I fell in what is famously called the ‘Crazy, Stupid love’ and I turned my life topsy turvy with my own bare heart. I rendered my career null and void and remodeled my entire lifestyle to fit in with my partner and his clan for the rest of my life.

So what exactly was I thinking all that while..How did I conclude on such a challenging decision. I believe I forecasted happiness as the ultimate goal of life. With happiness being the supreme covet, the paramount neccessity for me, would a budding career, living a life abroad, suiting up in designer wear qualify as the only means to attain that my case, I decided otherwise.

Here I am today, five years down in holy matrimony with a partner who strives to gratify me in any which way possible inspite of the immense work tensity he encounters at office(he’s managing a manufacturing unit that operates 24 7), writing this blog and at the same time wondering how life can become so contrasting to how we always planned it to be..I am quite unabashed to acknowledge that I miss my work dearly. I crave for a life rolled up on my sleeve at many an instance.. But who can fathom..would I have ended being happier had I chosen otherwise. What if then I would have yearned for a partner who genuinely felt right for me. Life could still have felt sketchy and deficient. I guess I shall only know with time as life unfolds it’s chapters each day. But until then.. Have you ever contemplated what your plans for life are..have you deciphered what are your means and ends for LIFE….

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