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A twisted ankle and a twist in the pheras

Rhea had twisted her ankle! Well, it was no big deal except that she was in the midst of her pheras
wedding pheras

They fought to get married

After dating for four years, Rhea and Vicky were finally getting married. There was resistance from both families but they had dug their heels in. They tried all possible means to convince their parents, but nothing worked. They threatened to elope. The parents relented. They could certainly do without a scandal.

Considering the degree of the confrontation they had faced, the couple expected frosty treatment from both sides, for a while. But they were in for a surprise. Rhea’s parents welcomed Vicky into the family with open arms. He was pampered to the hilt at every visit. Vicky’s parents showered Rhea with all the attention deserving of a to-be daughter-in-law. Everybody seemed to have taken a complete U-turn!

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