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A Woman

Woman looking for bridegrooms

He told me that I am not anything

If I am not a woman

But I am a woman ,I said

I have a vagina, two breasts

No, you are not

You have a mind of your own

That’s the anomaly

You reason, You speak

You are not submissive

You are not helpless

You are not dependent

How can you be a woman?

I am very much a woman

I am my own self,

How God intended

Not how you want to mend it

The woman whose mind you fear

Whose reason you know is better

Whose voice much powerful

Whom you have to fetter

Or else she will rise above

And drown you in her deluge

You have to use your brute strength

How else will you have the woman?

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  1. Lies are those that say we are not women,
    Our flesh might be tempting for the hungry few,
    But our soul is what separates water from dew,
    We are pure as one can be,
    For that one needs pair of eyes to see.

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