How Aamir Khan has evolved in his romantic roles in Bollywood

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Aamir Khan is one of the superstars of our time. His specialty is the issue based realistic genre of films. But before this, he was the lover boy of the nation. His chocolate boy good looks and great acting skill made him the sweetheart of the nation. He was the crush of a generation of young women.

Among the Khans, Shahrukh Khan is known for his romantic image. Between him and Aamir the difference is, as an actor of the romantic genre Aamir Khan has played many kinds of lovers at various stages of life. One can never criticise him saying he played one-dimensional lover boys.

The other difference with Shahrukh is, when Aamir reached a certain age he knew it was time to diversify. And then he started taking up different kinds of films.

The growth from Sanju to Akash

Let’s see here the evolution of Aamir Khan’s characters as the romantic lead.

1. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)

Aamir played a school student Sanju from the poorer side of the city. Although the main plot of the film was about a bicycle race, there was a love triangle, which moved the plot forward. Sanju with his immaturity got dazzled by the glamorous diva in the beginning, but then he realised the true meaning of friendship, loyalty, and love.

2. Dil (1990)

Aamir’s character Raja is little grown up and in college now. As a carefree typical filmy college student, he did absolutely no studying and was busy with practical jokes and enjoying life. His practical jokes lead to a few serious situations and then he falls in serious love. Given the age, Raja takes the whole relationship thing in an impulsive way.

3. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak (1988)

Aamir’s character Raj is little more grown up now. He is a young man fresh out of college who is idealist enough to believe his love can change the world. But living in his Eden with his love, little does he expect the snake of hatred will enter and destroy everything.

4. Rangeela (1995)

Aamir plays the character Munna, a young street ruffian with a heart of gold. One would think after leading a life as a petty criminal, he would have become completely cynical. But there is some idealism and innocence preserved in a corner of his heart. It makes him love his childhood sweetheart unconditionally.

5. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin (1991)

The idealist young man had turned into a cynical young man Raghu after seeing the real world. He could do anything for a piece of news. But cynical young Raghu again discovered purity and love in a totally unexpected place.

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6. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke (1993)

Aamir plays Rahul, a young man who is almost ready to become a householder. But before he could be completely ready, fatherhood is thrust upon him. He learns to become a father through his mistakes and with the help of his love.

7. Raja Hindustani (1996)

Raja Hindustani was a happy young lover who with adverse times became a bitter, sulking and self-destructing husband.

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8. Akele Hum Akele Tum (1995)

Aamir’s character was chiefly a father in this film, who fell in love with the mother of his child once again.

9. Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

This character is different from Aamir’s other romantic lead characters, because Akash does not live by the ideals of the 20th century. Aakash is a young man of the big city and of the new millennium. Aakash does not believe in love. For him love, commitment and marriage all are only big jokes. But love can’t suddenly become extinct with the end of a millennium. Akash finally has his Waterloo when he loses his heart.

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  1. Amir Khan is one of the most remarkable actors Indian Cinema will ever have! And this fact didn’t come to life just overnight over one movie. We can clearly map how he has evolved as an actor in his choices and in his impact that he left.

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