Abhi na kaho pyaar hai: Saying ‘I love you’ too soon can be a disaster

Prakash Gowda
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Your heart races faster than your racer bike when she is around.
You begin to miss her, as soon as she leaves.
Every time your phone rings, you think it’s her.

You are in love and can’t wait to say it. We know that feeling. All of us have experienced it at one point or the other. But saying “I love you” means a lot more than you can imagine. And spelling it out too soon can mean disaster. While there is no fixed length of time to say the magical three words, it always helps if you have attained a certain level of understanding and commitment before you do.

Read on to know how soon is too soon to profess your love:

You just started dating

Time is crucial. Simply because it gives you a chance to know her better as a person. We know your heart thinks she is great and she is the one. But the truth is that you still have a lot to learn about her. Why, you don’t even know whether you are ready for this relationship yourself! Slow and steady is the way to go, my friend.


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You don’t share much in common

A relationship is a long-term commitment. It involves spending more and more time together and sharing experiences as a couple. It helps if the two of you have few common interests and goals to pursue. After all, it’s not just the romance that keeps you in love. Think about this before you confess.

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You have not started discussing the future together

Saying “I love you” is all about taking your relationship to the next level. And certainly the future is part of it. Look out for signs if you are uncomfortable discussing about your future plans with each other. Does she like to bring up topics like family and children with you? Do you dream of growing old with her? If you two often steer clear of such future talks, its best to put some brakes on breaking the news to her until you are absolutely sure.

You haven’t had sex yet

More and more relationships are ending on a bad note due to sexual non-compatibility. Just like you need your personalities to complement each other, physical intimacy is equally vital to build a strong relationship. Individual leanings towards sex are different and so it is necessary that you know, understand and respect her preferences in bed. Until then, hold your horses.

It has to be more than just good sex

Yes, great sex is great, but no, it certainly cannot be the ‘only’ reason you love her. Too much action beneath the sheets does not mean you share an equally intense emotional intimacy. A lot of times, lust and the attraction vanishes after a while. If most of your ‘intimacy’ happens in the bedroom, it might just be too soon to reveal your feelings for her.

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