Acceptance: Willingness to Change!

Vineeta Asthana

Ancient Hindu scriptures aren’t mythology, they are a guide to life management with the scientific approach. Be it Vedas or Bhagwat Geeta; it has everything from life management, to manpower management. It also describes how ‘Yog and sadhna’ can be used as effective tools to live a meaningful life. According to Vedas, there are six negative characteristics of mind that is, kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha(greed), moha (delusion), mada (pride) and matsarya (jealousy), it is the biggest hindrance in your journey to the inner self. One mantra to the happy life is ‘Acceptance’. As we discussed in our past blogs on meditation, the relaxation that it is important to face and accept your limitations to improve your focus and lower your stress level.

Let’s rewind it again to understand the root cause of all the problems, the panch kleshas. As explained in the Vedas let’s find out about Fear, Envy, Anger, and hatred. And how acceptance can be the first step towards the nirvana. Human possesses many qualities, some of them are inherited or carry forwarded from our past life, ie ‘samskara’, and some can be acquired. Fortunately, ‘Acceptance’ is the quality that we can acquire. Its difficult for us to work in this direction due to continuous challenges from the surroundings.

Fear is nothing but nonacceptance of insecurity/ uncertainty. It originates from delusion and greed. We tend to fit in an image that is either imposed by the peer groups or projected by your own self. To live up to that image, we refuse to accept that we are afraid of any such thing. This rigidness of accepting your insecurity actually aggravates the problem. It leads to shortcuts, wrong paths and short-term solutions for that uncertainty.

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