Break-up & Loss

After my messy breakup, my cousin was my shoulder to cry on. And then she fell in love with my ex

He told her he wasn't ready for love or commitment, and broke up with her. Then he married her cousin. She can't forget him
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(As told to Balaka Basu)

I was 22 years old when I fell madly in love with him. We started going out on dates. He was very courteous during those dates, but always maintained that I shouldn’t expect him to fall in love with me, because he was heartbroken after his first girlfriend dumped him. He’d vowed to never fall in love with another girl. He was the perfect Devdas and I became his Chandramukhi.

I was so naive and blind that I never saw the evident red flags. I was kind of fine with this non-committal relationship. Loving him so much, I never expected anything back in return. For me, just spending time with him was enough. I was foolishly thinking that my ‘true love’ for him would melt his heart and one day he would realise that no other woman on this planet loved him the way I do.

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She cheated on me so we broke up; but I still love her

I worry that my girlfriend’s male friend will steal her from me

90% of young people today are involved with their exes

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  1. Dear Balaka, someone i know closely went through this. Her best friend who was helping her through her break-up fell in love with her ex and because of that she found it difficult to even connect with her. But what I understood is that heart does what heart does…

  2. Oh! You still don’t have your closure.

    If I would have at your place I would have severed my ties with cousin as well. It looks to me a betrayal by choice.

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