Do you have to be ‘fair’ to be in love?

fair guy

Their first argument  was, “He is not fair, you should not marry someone who is so dark”.

Smita was taken aback by her parents’ words. Love does not see the complexion, it only knows the heart and soul and those should be beautiful for you to fall in love.

Smita, a Punjabi girl, was in love with Rajan, who hailed from Andhra Pradesh, and this was the root cause of her parents’ objection to their marriage.

“He is from Andhra; he is not fair; his lifestyle is so different from ours; your children will not be fair if you marry him,” her parents had a long list of objections against Rajan, none of which made sense to Smita.

Smita would tell them repeatedly that she loved Rajan and would remain single all her life if she was not allowed to marry him.

Smita and Rajan were consenting adults and nothing could stop them from getting married but they wanted the blessings of their parents and hence they waited for them to relent.

Smita made regular visits to the temple to pray for her parents to agree for the alliance. Rajan kept motivating her  to not lose hope and wished that her prayers would soon get heard.

It took them four long years to convince Smita’s parents to give consent to their marriage. Her parents agreed reluctantly and slowly their opinion about Rajan began to change from the day of the wedding. They started appreciating his warm nature and the humility of his parents and extended family. Their fears about people from ‘South’ soon dissipated and they realized that they had married off their daughter to a wonderful person.

There is a contrast in their attitude if you meet them now. They proudly introduce their son-in-law to you and boast of his accomplishments.



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  1. It is so good to hear positive stories such as this. And we need more of such intercaste and interreligion stories to spread the word of love. Good luck to the couple.

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