“Along came the Clown”

Clown with painted face

Curtains raise, lights glow;

For one more time, whistles blow;

A happy face stumbles in the dais,

Many a head, cheers at this guy in disguise……

With features miniature like a kid;

All his sorrows skillfully hid;

He pulls the show by being stupid;

Seldom was he embraced by the love God Cupid…………

Puffing his nose & cheeks with paint;

And no stranger to acquaint;

No different than a somersaulting ape;

Goes again the Hero at heart, to make his audience gape…

Knows he, that his cry has to be concealed;

And his true identity always sealed;

For the viewer he’s more of a thing than someone;

As that’s his reward being ” The Clown”……..


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