Am I Falling Out Of Love Quiz

August 2, 2023 |
Updated On: August 2, 2023
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Are you falling out of love? The question weighs on our mind whenever the magic of fluttering butterflies in the stomach and racing heartbeats begins to fade away. Affection is replaced by irritation and appreciation by bickering. When you fall out of love, the fairytale of romance and happily-ever after is replaced by a nightmarish reality of impending pain and loneliness. Take this easy quiz to find out if you still love your partner or not.

Psychotherapist Sampreeti Das says, “For some, it is more about the chase than the sustenance. So once the partner called in, there is so much synchronization that the excitement erodes. Things seem to be monotonous because the vitality of struggling (not the suffering kind of struggling) to make one’s feelings survive is no longer required.”

“Sometimes, people give in to the other person so much that they lose themselves. Well, partners fall for each other for who they genuinely are. As time progresses and so does the social and cultural dynamics of a relationship, self-care declines and care for others increases. The self that attracted love is somewhere pushed to a latent chamber.” 

Finally, if the results say that you’ve fallen out of love, don’t worry, you can fall back in love! You should start communicating more, do couples therapy exercises at home, go on dates and try to do all the things that you did in the initial phase of your relationship.

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