Am I immoral for loving three men?


Names changed to protect identities

I am Rohinie, wife and mom to two beautiful kids.

I had affairs with 2 married men before I settled down.

My first man, Siddharth, came into my life when I lived and worked in New Delhi in 2004. We met on the job. I was, in those days, writing about the real estate market as a journalist and he was a dynamic architect. When I first interviewed him, I was drawn to him. He was suave, ruggedly handsome, and had a quaint seductive appeal that caught my attention.

We met a few times initially on a formal basis, and one day he finally asked me out. When I realised that he liked me, a lot, I did not ward off his advances because I found him incredibly attractive! I was just 23, he was 37; and during our conversations he confessed that he had an open marriage. We connected at many levels. What started off as a few dates gradually grew into a romantic liaison, and extended to multiple sexual rendezvous over a span of 4 years. I was naïve and hesitant at first because I was a virgin then. But Siddharth let me move at my own pace and comfort, and that’s what I appreciated the most – that he never forced himself on me, even though he could have! We eventually drifted apart when I relocated to Bangalore with a new job in 2008. But we continue to stay in touch, and meet when in the same city even now. And yes, I still love him.

I was 28, and had realised my affinity for older men. I also had a deep consciousness of my inherent sexuality. I knew by now that I could attract any man with my charms if I so wished.

This was when I met an affable, charming, 40-year-old golfer, Rajiv, at a party hosted by friends in Bangalore. In fact, Rajiv was a family friend, married with two kids. I was meeting him after several years.

Initially we hit it off as friends, casually catching up on bygone days. We shared numbers and the frequency of our interactions grew. He admitted that he loved talking to me, meeting me. Rajiv and I discovered an intimate connect, a common wavelength, which drew us closer with the passage of time. We fell in love. He often told me that I had come as a ‘breath of fresh air’ in his otherwise mundane life! I have no qualms in admitting that we had a fun-filled relationship, some would call it a rollicking affair, for 2 years in Bangalore.

I was 30 now. My parents were keen to get me married. I didn’t resist, on one condition, that I would have to fall in love with the guy first. I rejected many proposals until an interesting alliance came my way in 2010. I met the guy, liked him, fell in love. Ashwin and I have been married for 6 years now, happily too I suppose, with 2 gorgeous kids!

I continue to keep in touch with both my ex-lovers. I did have quite a few relationships in my past apart from Siddharth and Rajiv, but these two men were truly special, men whom I love even now. I can recount every moment spent with them. Love doesn’t fade with time or a change in relationship status, does it? Just because I am married now, should I stop loving them?

My husband does not know about my past affairs with these men. Although he has met both of them, he simply knows them as my friends. At times, I do have clandestine flirtatious text exchanges or calls with my men. They make me feel good about myself. I feel sexy and beautiful, I feel wanted. I have even met them a couple of times on private dates during the last 6 years. Rajiv had even attended my wedding in Mumbai, because he earnestly wishes me well.

I have not cheated on my husband yet. I am being honest here, that I have had no sexual encounters outside my marriage. But I wouldn’t deny that there have been temptations! Both Sid and Rajiv have left it to me if I wish to remain in touch with them or have any physical contact. They respect my choice, and as Sid often says, “I do not intend to rock the apple cart!”

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You may judge me, call me a nympho or a slut. I honestly do not know what is moral/amoral. Rajiv had said during the start of our affair, “There is no black and white in life, only shades of grey!”

I have shared my tale with you today. I have no regrets about my past. Will I ever confess to my husband? Perhaps not. Perhaps yes, someday, over a drink, in the hope that he’d understand me, his woman, for who I am. And even if he doesn’t, one thing I am certain of…. I shall love all my men forever, from the core of my heart!

(As told to Ipsita Nathak)

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  1. There will be more men like Handsome men, interesting men, confident men, lovely man, gentle men, intellectual men, caring men, childish men and finally gym men for loving. One need not end with only three to satisfy lust under whatever name.Each of these men can bring out women completely out and can give butterflies. They will make adreline rush. As long as youth wont fade away and lust is burning u can love no of men as at the end after all we are animals in human form. No need to worry on boundaries , guilt, shame and regret. Definitely animals do not have any of these traits !

  2. When people becomes animals in human form what for we live is only for greed and lust. That’s all. Only it will be covered under the name of love and broadmindedness.

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