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We all love to tell the world that we are in love, it’s just that some people say it better. Hyocheon Jeong, a South Korean illustrator, is doing just this, using her amazing illustrations. She has captured the imagination of Instagram by depicting her everyday moments with her lover.

Her illustrations capture small things we tend to ignore in relationships. Things which we take for granted and yet it is these small things which make up the whole relationship. If you are in love or you have ever been in love, you will relate to these illustrations. Go ahead, have fun!

What does love look like?

The world is full of big gestures and loud proclamations of love, or so we thought. We thought there was a Prince Charming for every Cinderella. We thought love meant going big every day: romantic candle lit dinners, mushy and sweaty sex, travelling the world holding each other’s hands, were all part of a happy and successful relationship. Artist Hyocheon Jeong would like to differ. Jeong believes that if we care to look, we will find every companionship is speckled with adoration that we tend to overlook. These small signs are what keeps the couple together as a team. Let’s have a look, shall we?

Love is all about that warmth in the early morning embrace

Love is when one ice cream cone is enough

Love is when two umbrellas aren’t needed

Love is when all music is dance music

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Love is to watch him eat even as your food gets cold

Love is all about those surprise hugs

Love is all about that shoulder to lean on

Love is all about that one more person to fill the selfie

Love is all about having your hands on him and her hands on you

Love is all about that cuddle before the real and dream worlds merge

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