Why Is Amazon Prime’s Modern Love So Mind Blowing?

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Modern Love on amazon prime is mind blowing

One of my friends asked me, “How I’ll get to know that I’m in love?” I replied him philosophically, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” To be very honest, this quote is said by Dr Seuss, so no credit goes to me. But if you’ve lost your love, your marriage is at its turning point, you are having an unlikely friendship or you went on a date that might have turned out to be a nightmare. Trust me you went through a lot. You need to take a break where you can silently and calmly watch Amazon Prime’s latest series, Modern Love. Why? Because it’s based on the real-life love stories, from a weekly column of the New York Times, which has the same name and has a podcast too.

What’s Modern Love all about?

It’s an anthology series that is elegantly packed with 8 love stories in 30-minute episodes. Every episode depicts its own flavour of love from a platonic relationship to a same-sex relationship.

FYI Modern Love, need all your time and attention to connect with every single episode, but the best part is that each episode stands alone and you can pick and savour with a cup of Chai.

They have also added a lot of feathers to their cap by featuring top-notch actors like Anne Hathaway, Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes), Andy Garcia, James Satio, Jane Alexander, Dev Patel, and many others. So when it comes to the acting department it’s as mind-blowing as the storyline. Modern Love is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. It’s got content to keep you glued to the couch. 
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Love comes in different shades

Genuinely speaking, portraying and conveying your message in 30 minutes takes a lot and the credit of that goes to the writer and director of this series, John Carney, mostly known for his Sing Street, Once, and Begin Again. He has shown the best version of storytelling by – building the characters, intriguing dialogues and subtle background score.

Love in different shades Image source

As the first episode starts with the beautiful story When The Doorman Is Your Main Man where Cristin Milioti plays the role of Maggie, who navigates the dating scene in New York City. But her building doorman, Guzmin is always concerned about her relationships. One day she finds out she’s pregnant, after that she talks about abortion but she can’t do it because that’s her child, which she wants to give life to. In that situation, Guzmin takes care of her and supports her during the preparation for her baby. They build a beautiful bond together, an unsung friendship.

How they grapple with love and survive

It’s just not that there’s a lot of range in Modern Love, as the episode four, Rallying To Keep The Game Alive shows Tina Fey and John Slattery telling the story of Sarah and Dennis, a married couple who are taking counselling so that they can somehow save their sinking marriage. This episode really tells us how to be patient and calmly understand the situation of your love.

Modern Love has a distinct after taste

There’s also an episode on an issue that most teenagers and youngsters are grappling with. It’s tad confusing but it goes something like this…”I like her/him not as she/he wants me to, but I like her/him.” You will understand what I mean when you’ll watch episode six: So He Looked Like Dad. It Was Just Dinner, Right? There are also some episodes that show the other side of love like same-sex relations or the one where a person is bipolar or a second innings begins at the age of 60.

Modern Love is very sensitive Image source

In the end, I’ll just say Modern Love is very sensitive, well written and explored which depicts the different shades of love that you can digest very easily but the after taste remains long after the telly is switched off.

So what are you waiting for? Just curl up in the couch with a tub of popcorn and wrap yourself up in love …Modern Love. 

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